• Small Business Advice From Twitter


    Good Small Business Advice From Twitter

    I spend a lot of time on Twitter and get a good portion of my small business leads from this Social Network. So while I am engaging with other business owners. I pose the question to many of them that own businesses. The question I ask most of them is what is the best “business advice” they can give to another small business owner. The responses are mostly unique and comes with a variety of lessons that a new business can learn from. Take a look at the many responses and hopefully if you own a small business this information will help you. Also let me know on Facebook which one you agree with.

    1. Good #SMB advice from @JonHailePR “Find out what’s special & unique about your clients brand, then build stories/opportunities around that.”
    2. Good #SMB Advice from @BeccaKorphage in “Two Years it WIll Still Be 2002” Next Month, Next Year, You Will Wish You….http://ow.ly/NQ5wK
    3. Good #SMB advice from @Kokokissme “Self employment must be a love for the business not the money. The money will flow as you grow.”
    4. Good #SMB advice from @Labama666882 “Borrow Little, pinch pennies don’t worry about getting rich and be very honest with customers.
    5. Good #SMB advice from @MunirBandali “add value and be authentic! Do what the next man is not willing to do! Hustle and be humble!”
    6. Good #SMB advice from @afundia1 “Look for opportunities to grow that create deeper customer loyalty!”
    7. Good #SMB advice from @dfisc “Always have a mentor who you can go to for advice, bounce ideas off or just 2 talk.”
    8. Good #SMB advice from @redblupill “Always be authentic your business is an extension of you. Don’t beat the competition be the competition.”
    9. Good #smb advice from @BenIdowu “Seek 1st to give value to your clients, subordinates and everyone involved all other things shall follow”
    10. Good #SMB advice from @SLJ_WomanonFire “Stay focused, humble, & never back down”
    11. Good #SMB advice from @Niterd “Ready, fire, aim, instead of “ready,aim fire”.
    12. Good #SMB advice from @Midwesthhc “Believe in yourself and stay persistent.”
    13. Good #smb advice from @ALicatovich “Be the 39% of the business owners who make a profit over a lifetime!”
    14. Good #SMB advice from @NitoNjagi “Keep calm Rome wasn’t built in a day”
    15. Good #smb advice from @marketingdoc1 If owning a business was easy everyone would have one. Learn everything you can about your customers.
    16. Good #smb advice from @bissonkatie “Find what you love to do and make a career out of it!”
    17. Good #SMB advice from @Hawkesque Solidify your legal paperwork & org docs to protect yourself, retain ownership and minimize liability.
    18. Good #SMB Advice From @CRM_SocialMedia “Never Give Up”
    19. Good #smb advice from @marshawright “Focus! Know what you do and put your heart in it and always stay positive in managing it everyday”
    20. Good #SMB advice from @sgspangler “Find a need and fill it. And if the numbers don’t work, the business won’t work!”
    21. Good #smb advice from @homoreno723 “Open your biz everyday with the same excitement as the first day”
    22. Good #SMB advice from @hosehooker “Be patient, be persistent and never lose sight of your goal”
    23. Good #SMB advice from @CarlosMend1 “Always have objectivity and assess market preference and always bring good things and succeed.”
    24. Good #smb advice from @StCroixWeddings “Be passionate, but also realistic about your business.”
    25. Good #SMB advice from @mamaINdc “Provide outstanding customer service – make that the cornerstone of the business.”
    26. Good #SMB advice from @DarkLycan1 “Get into something you enjoy and don’t down your ideas immediately when you think of something.”
    27. Good #smb advice from @PamoramInc “Stay as organized as possible! Second. Learn the word “No!”. Don’t work with or hire friends or family”
    28. Good #SMB advice from @pdabral “Commitment & hard work will pay you one day. Continue to do right practice, success will follow you”
    29. Good #SMB advice from @healthybody1 “Stay strong and be your own boss!”
    30. Good #SMB advice from @franchanetta “Focus on the market not the sales”
    31. Good #smallbusiness advice from @FORBESAccting “Be specific in what you want and seek to obtain just that.”
    32. Good #smallbusiness advice from @CJmtrsptsdes “Make sure you are passionate about your work and love what you’re doing.”
    33. Good #smallbusiness advice from @AnnillaM “Never Give Up”
    34. Good #smallbusiness advice from @Jon_Ochs “really learn marketing and attract your ideal customers instead of shotgun advertising approach”
    35. Good #smallbusiness advice from @The_ItalianRose “Never give up, there is always a ‘B’ !!!”
    36. Good #smallbusiness advice from @miguelajackson “Show as much passion for your customers as you do for your products or services.”
    37. Good #smallbusiness advice from @RadiatePresents “Always set the right expectations with your client. Good communication is key.”
    38. Good #smallbusiness advice from @SamuelPHatton “Partner with God. It’s way easier to build something that is already in His plan.”
    39. Good #smallbusiness advice from @SloanPaula “Get help with all the social media!”
    40. Good #Smallbusiness advice from @MissJillTracey ‘Don’t use your own money!’
    41. Good #Smallbusiness advice From @aioseopack “Our people are your greatest asset; treat them well and with respect”
    42. Good #smallbusiness advice from @Boston56Celtics “Don’t Fear Failure”
    43. Good #smallbusiness advice from @Prosperity_Tech “Focus on one strategy to grow and get to work. Be consistent. Don’t stop.”
    44. Good #smallbusiness advice from @goodysnothome1 “The only real person standing in your way is you”
    45. Good #smallbusiness advice from ‘@TheJCBVGroup The best advice after five years of owning my own business is to remain patient.”
    46. Good #Smallbusiness advice from @Mr__Coffee “Treat like your child….raise it, nurture it”
    47. Good #smallbusiness advice from @letreceharris “Have a plan, Have a purpose and Execute’