• Affordable Email Marketing

  • Email marketing can be an affordable and increasingly targetable communications tool for small businesses.

    What’s more, it can give you answers to important marketing questions super fast. Want to test a new offer or product price-point? No sweat. Send out a split-test electronic blast and in no time the marketplace will tell you what to do.

    Another thing I really like about electronic mail is that it’s very flexible, and you can use it to meet all kinds of marketing challenges. For example, you can use this media to:

    • Get prospects to request a White Paper
    • Encourage the use of your downloaded software
    • Ask for the sale after a free download
    • Cross sell your product
    • Upsell to higher-priced products
    • Generate sign-ups for an online conference
    • Garner customer testimonials

    And that’s just for starters.

    Allow Sariah Marketing to manage your email marketing to your customer database. We will set up the campaigns and create emails to be automatically delivered to your customers. All internet marketers know that the money is in the list. We make your list count.